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New podcast channel highlights best of Business Radio
The best of Business Radio Powered by the Wharton School (Sirius XM 111) is now available on a new podcast channel. Notable segments are posted to the channel three times a week. You can hear Peter Cappelli's recent "In the Workplace" segment with Jennifer Doleac on Ban the Box - Unintended Consequences of Helping Ex-Felons on this channel. Highlights from Cappelli's radio show, including segments on the impact of workforce changes on dating, forced positivity at work, surviving office competition, mandatory paid vacations, grief in the workplace, difficult bosses, best places to work, "boomerang" employees, and online versus campus degrees are also available at "Best of In the Workplace."

Future of the American Workplace
Future workforce challenges, including the implications of an aging workforce, the impact of a "gig" economy, and a difficult job climate for younger and "at risk" workers, were the focus of discussion at the 2016 U.S. Employment Summit on "The Future of the American Workplace." The one-day conference held on April 26, 2016 was sponsored by the Wharton School's Center for Human Resources and the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans. The event brought together thought leaders from the benefits world, business, government, media, unions, and academia. For more, see a summary of key takeaways from the conference at "Status Quo a No-Go for the Future Workforce" or the full report.

Wharton Leadership Conference Celebrates 20th Year
The 20th Annual Wharton Leadership Conference was held on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at the Wharton School. The conference featured the following speakers:

* General Daniel Allyn, 35th Vice Chief of Staff, U.S. Army
* Patrick De Maeseneire, CEO of Jacobs Holding AG
* Mallika Dutt, CEO of Breakthrough
* Rob Katz, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Vail Resorts
* William Lauder, Executive Chairman of The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.
* Dinesh Paliwal, Chairman, President and CEO of HARMAN
* Maggie Wilderotter, Chair and CEO, Grand Reserve Inn, and former Chair and CEO of Frontier Communications

Cappelli named faculty director of Business Radio Powered by Wharton
Peter Cappelli has assumed the position of Faculty Director for Business Radio, the Wharton School's collaboration with SiriusXM radio, and will continue to host “In the Workplace," a show on Business Radio that examines workplace challenges faced by business owners and job seekers. Peter replaces Karl Ulrich, who launched Business Radio in 2014 and oversaw the creation of the initial slate of programming.

Business Radio Powered by the Wharton School is an exclusive 24/7 channel featuring easily accessible information on a wide range of business topics. Business Radio airs via satellite on SiriusXM channel 111, and through the SiriusXM Internet Radio App on smartphones and other connected devices, as well as online at siriusxm.com.

Broadcasting from Wharton’s Philadelphia campus and from Silicon Valley, Business Radio features world-renowned and distinguished professors and alumni as regular weekly hosts, plus executives, entrepreneurs, innovators and other experts as special hosts and guests. The advice, information, topics and real-life people and businesses explored on the channel helps listeners of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience — entrepreneurs, start-ups, generations of a family business, longtime mom-and-pop store owners and seasoned business executives alike — to navigate the 21st century business world.

Will college pay off?
College is the biggest expense for many families, larger even than the cost of the family home, and one that can bankrupt students and their parents if it works out poorly. In his new book Will College Pay Off - A Guide to the Most Important Financial Decision You'll Ever Make, Peter Cappelli offers vital insight for parents and students to make decisions about college that both make sense financially and provide the foundation that will help students make their way in the world. Among the issues he analyzes are:

•What is the real link between a college degree and a job that enables you to pay off the cost of college, especially in a market that is in constant change?

•Why it may be a mistake to pursue degrees that will land you the hottest jobs because what is hot today is unlikely to be so by the time you graduate.

•Why the most expensive colleges may actually be the cheapest because of their ability to graduate students on time.

•How parents and students can find out what different colleges actually deliver to students and whether it is something that employers really want.

Center for Human Resources new “home base” for WFRN
The Wharton Center for Human Resources is the new administrative home base for the Work and Family Researchers Network (WFRN). The WFRN is an international membership organization of interdisciplinary work and family researchers which also welcomes the participation of policy makers and practitioners as it seeks to promote knowledge and understanding of work and family issues among the community of global stakeholders. The non-profit organization also maintains an affiliation with Penn's Population Studies Center. The WFRN facilitates virtual and face-to-face interaction among work and family researchers from a broad range of fields and engages the next generation of work and family scholars. As a global hub, it provides opportunities for information sharing and networking via its website, which includes the only open access work and family subject matter repository, the Work and Family Commons. Visit the WFRN website for more details.