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Cappelli hosts SiriusXM radio show
Join Peter Cappelli and Wharton Senior Fellow Dan O'Meara on Thursdays at 5:00 p.m. for their live, call-in radio show on Channel 111 on the SiriusXM dial - Business Radio Powered by Wharton. Each show features discussions of current hot issues "In the Workplace" and interviews exploring the challenges of people whose jobs involve milking snakes, competing in the Olympics, running cities, and other interesting pursuits. To call in with a question for Peter, Dan, or their guests, dial 1-844-Wharton.

Who's Got Those Top Jobs?
Peter Cappelli and his colleagues Monika Hamori and Rocio Bonet explore how executive profiles and career paths have continued to evolve in a March 2014 Harvard Business Review article. "Who's Got Those Top Jobs?" outlines the steep decline of lifelong employees, the rise in executives' education levels, the increase in diversity among senior executives, and the ways in which the Fortune 100's senior leaders have advanced to where they are in their organizations.