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The Center for Human Resources is a hub for academics and practitioners interested in human capital issues including the practice of human resources as well as vendors in the human capital industry.  Access the most current thinking on talent management, workforce training and education, diversity and more through our faculty research and our networking opportunities with fellow HR executives from around the world.


Headed by Peter Cappelli, George W. Taylor Professor of Management at Wharton, the Center includes faculty from across Wharton departments. 


This year the 26th annual Wharton Leadership Conference was held on Wednesday, June 14, 2023, at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Leading through Turbulence:

Political, economic, and military conflicts are churning through most of the world this past year, and they show no signs of settling down. How do we manage with all this uncertainty? We will hear from leaders and observers who are in the midst of these changes to help bring clarity to our tasks as leaders.



This year we have the hybrid People & Organizations Conference 2023 on 22nd – 23rd September organized by the Wharton Center for Human Resources. There are approx. 103 paper presentations in the Plenary and the roundtable sessions. 

Please visit the upcoming events calendar for the People & Organizations Conference schedule.  

News & Research


Explore journal articles and other research by Peter Cappelli, the Center’s director, faculty and senior fellows associated with the Center. Supporters of the Center get pre-publication access at member-only meetings.


Explore books, popular articles by Peter Cappelli, the Center’s director, and faculty and senior fellows associated with the Center. Supporters of the Center get pre-publication access at member-only meetings.

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Get free access to analysis of current business trends, interviews with industry leaders and Wharton faculty, book reviews and more..


One of the major goals of the Center is to conduct practice-oriented research by creating strategic partnerships between Wharton’s researchers and leading companies from diverse industries and countries. Bridging gaps between academia and industry is key to Wharton’s Center for Human Resources research initiatives. We believe that the fruitful research knowledge gained by academia should be accessible to executive managers in a way they could use it on their daily basis decision-making actions. The Center’s researchers are attentive and thoughtful for the contemporary challenges organizations face in their competitive, uncertain, and dynamic business environment and our research is directly oriented toward helping organizations to tackle these challenges effectively.  Recent and ongoing research collaborations with business organizations are conducted in diverse organizational settings and industries such as high-tech, law, retail, service in companies as Indeed, Tata Consultancy Services, Morgan…

Upcoming events

The Center for Human Resources hosts various conferences and meetings throughout the year, focusing on fostering interaction between academics and practitioners who specialize in HR. These meetings bring together leaders and corporate executives to share current thinking on talent management, labor relations, leadership, retirement, and careers. 

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The Center is membership-driven, which means that corporate members support our work and in exchange benefit from active involvement with the Center.  This includes participation in member-only meetings and forums that offer insights into emerging trends in human resource management, custom research initiatives, peer surveys, and expert analysis of the impact of legal and policy developments in the HR and labor relations fields.
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