The Center for Human Resources has been a leading academic contributor of human resources and labor relations research for almost a century, from pioneering studies on productivity in the 1920s to the groundbreaking series on the status of black workers in industry in the 1960s to today’s cutting-edge commentary and research on talent management challenges and labor market outcomes.

Recommended Books

Peter Cappelli, The Future of the Office: Work from Home, Remote Work, and the Hard Choices We All Face, Wharton School Press, 2021

Michael Useem, Harbir Singh, Neng Liang, and Peter Cappelli, Fortune Makers:  The Leaders Creating China’s Great Global Companies, Public Affairs Books, 2017

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Peter Cappelli, Talent on Demand: Managing Talent in an Age of Uncertainty, Harvard Business School press, 2008

Peter Cappelli (editor), Employment Relationships – New Models of White Collar Work, Cambridge University Press, 2008


Recommended Articles

Peter Cappelli and Martin Conyon (2020), A Social Exchange and the Effects of Employee Stock OptionsILR Review.

Peter Cappelli (2020), Stop Over-Engineering People ManagementHarvard Business Review.

Peter Cappelli (2019), The Payoff from a College EducationOxford Review of Education.

Peter Cappelli and Liat Eldor (2019), Where Measuring Engagement Goes WrongHarvard Business Review.

Peter Cappelli (2019), How You are Hiring is All WrongHarvard Business Review.

Virginia Doellgast, Matthew Bidwell, Alexander Colvin (2020), New Directions in Employment Relations Theory: Understanding Fragmentation, Identity and LegitimacyIndustrial and Labor Relations Review, forthcoming.